The 5-Point

Consult Ink Advantage

1. Experience:
Together, Consult Ink’s principals and senior associates represent more than 70 years of communications consulting experience, combining work for a myriad of private sector companies and government departments and agencies. We offer a well-rounded blend of senior private and public sector experience.

2. Methodology:
Every communication project is unique -- with distinctive goals, challenges and content. Consult In applies rigorous project management and quality control principles and processes to bring energy, creativity, professionalism, and assured results to each and every project.

3. Proven track record:
Consult Ink is one of only five firms to qualify for a new, national Supply Arrangement, managed by PWGSC, to supply federal government departments and agencies with Strategic Communications Services (#EN578-113216/001/CX -- contact us for details). This success is not new to us -- in 2007, we finished in first place on a similar, three-year PWGSC Standing Offer to provide communications services to all federal government departments.

4. End to end services:
Consult Ink can be called upon to manage and deliver any communications-related requirement you may have. These include strategic communications planning, project management, public relations, and a full range of writing and editorial services, including adaptation-level translation. Being able to work with one firm (and a single point of contact) to meet any or all of your communications requirements from planning through delivery B offers clear benefits and efficiencies over single-dimensional consulting firms.

5. Security:
Consult Ink holds a valid Designated Organization Screening (DOS) for its facility at the level of SECRET. In addition, all of Consult Ink’s principals and personnel who would be involved in your projects hold personal security clearances at the level of SECRET.

Once we start on a project, Consult Ink works closely with each of our clients to determine the scope and goals, and then tailor the ideal team to provide the most effective and creative business and communications solution; from planning and strategy to development and delivery. Throughout each project and in each client partnership, Consult Ink's mission is clear and unwavering: to offer the best value and highest quality communications services available anywhere.